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For your exceptional car carpet cleaning standards, we will always strive to deliver what we promise. We will thoroughly clean your car carpets and upholstery with our revolutionary cleaner that leave your car clean and upholstery smell free from unpleasant odours like durian smell, smoking, vomiting and drink spills, etc. Our machine will remove built up dirt or stains from your car leaving it fresh smelling and clean.

Best Car carpet Cleaning SGWe are highly motivated in the latest carpet and upholstery cleaning techniques which will ensure that your car carpets and upholstery retain their optimal colour and appearance. Our cleaning specialist will visually inspect your car. They will then identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results. A bio-friendly cleaning solution are injected via high powered jet pumps deep into the carpet or upholstery at a high pressure, the solution along with the dirt and odour is then instantly extracted using a powerful 2 stage vacuum leaving minimal residue … Therefore a shorter drying time than many other industry car carpet cleaners.

Your car will look and feel like new!

We take pride in our work 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We offer competitive prices but with no sacrifice in quality.

Cars in Singapore are considered to be one of the greatest of the life’s necessities especially when the job requires lots of travelling to visit customers and prospects. Each vehicle owner takes great pride to preserve the automobile in stunning look. Regardless of how hard we try though, the interior of the car quickly begin to display people’s addictions alike- spills, dust and grime accumulate in the crevices, air in the saloon gets sandy and fusty. If you drive with kids or puppies, in spite of the pleasant moments together, they frankly complicate the state of affairs. Basically the car interior should appear and feel fabulous. Even a small speck of dust, or insignificant remains of smell of cigarettes may destroy the good reaction to the vehicle.


  • First our experts check the appearance of the interior and scrutinize for spots, stains, warped sections.
  • Our professional cleaners vacuum the seats with a professional equipment. Our experts pay specific attention to all small cracks, unseen compartments and hard to touch areas and empty ashtrays.
  • Our specialists steam clean the textile cloth seats and wash leather seats with a microfiber cloth absorbed with a proper hide cleaning solution.
  • Our professionals completely clean fabric upholstering of doors, ceiling, floor, and luggage compartment. Also we clean all floor mats and get rid of spills on their surface.
  • We apply air fresheners to dispose of unpleasant smell.
  • Before our expert cleaners return the car back to our clients, our professional cleaners scrutinize our procedures in detail. We don’t want to overlook even the smallest speck of stain behind us. Our experts strive you to be fully satisfied and gratified with our product.

You will be thrilled how incredible and fresh your car looks! Contact us now from Car Carpet Shampoo Singapore and feel the different!


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