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To extend the shelf life of your expensive carpet and rug it is advisable that you clean your carpet periodically and cleaning must be conducted by experienced carpet and rug cleaning service contractors that are knowledgeable in providing a thorough cleaning of your carpet. Our trained technician will examine and determine the best way to clean your carpet and rug even if you are not sure exactly what kind of carpet and rug you have.

Synthetic/Mixed Fibre

Carpet and Rugs Cleaning Services Singapore SpecialistMajority of carpet industry are using hot water extraction cleaning, also known as steam cleaning, it is the most preferred method. It is the most advanced and effective deep carpet cleaning method and well recognised by professionals worldwide. It is also great for spot cleaning. This method of cleaning will certainly be able to remove most of the stain from a carpet.

Delicate/Natural Fibre

That lavish oriental carpet you keep in your living room where your quests usually gather together with friends, relatives and family for a special occasion like a birthday celebration. Well, that’s something we are able to assist you with the cleaning of your carpet back to where it started with that clean carpet. Our trained carpet technician is able to examine your carpet to be able to give you some good advice before starting the cleaning job, be it dry cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning.

How does Hot Water Extraction work?

Carpets and Rugs Cleaning Services Singapore SpecialistHot water extraction cleaning of carpet is suited for synthetics/mixed fibre.

Step 1: Pretreating the item

  • The technician first job is to vacuum and clean the carpet to remove that first layer of loose dust.
  • He will examine the stains (if any) and choose the appropriate solution.
  • He will deal accordingly with the stain from the carpet for spill drinks like wine and can drinks, greasy food splatters, and so on.
  • No matter how much cleaning is done on a stained carpet, there are stains that permanently damaged the fabric of the carpet and render it impossible to clean or remove totally. If this method does not work, nothing else will.

Step 2: Main cleaning procedure

It is undeniably the most effective cleaning method on the market. It brings even the most tarnished carpets back to life. This is how it works:

  • The technician uses a professional machine to deep clean every inch of the carpet. The nozzle ejects pressurised water mixed with a solution. This will easily extricate all the accumulated grime and dust.
  • A powerful suction which is attached will remove all the excess moisture from the carpet or rug (along with the loosened dirt).
  • 95% of the moisture is removed from the carpet instantly and the carpet is left to dry at the same time without any risk of damage after the cleaning.

NOTE: You can also use our professional cleaning services to clean your upholstery and curtain at the same time when you clean your carpet. You can have all these items cleaned by our technician to achieve better or rather fantastic results.

Step 3: Short drying time

  • The carpet is slightly moist and needs 3 to 6 hours to air-dry on its own after cleaning by hot water extraction.
  • An air-mover will speed up the drying process and increase the airflow and thus help to dry the carpet further.

Dry carpet cleaning method

Dry carpet cleaning method is suited for delicate/natural fibre

Step 1:
An eco-friendly solution is applied uniformly to the carpet.

Step 2: 
It is brushed with а rotating brush at a safe speed. When the solution is rubbed in, the dirt and other unsanitary pathogens will attach to it.

Step 3: 
At the end, a very powerful vacuum will suck up the solution along with dirt and any pathogen attached to the solution

This cleaning method is fantastic for stimulating the delicate rugs and carpet back but it cannot remove stains completely.


When the traffic of people using the rug is high it is important to have it professionally cleaned every two to three years as dirt and pathogen will gather and may become unhygienic without proper cleaning after some time.

Proper cleaning of your rug regularly by professional cleaner will give it a greater extension of life and will boost its natural beauty. The crucial task is removing all dust and fine grit. It will leave your rug looking refreshed and brighter. The most important feature of our rug cleaning process is halting the wear and tear of the foundations and initial wear on the fibres. This is accomplished by our “full immersion wash” in our exclusively commissioned carpet or rug washing bath. The carpet or rug washing is the most effective process for removing dust and dirt that has accumulated deep within the pile.

Our method is the thorough and systematic process to clean your rug or carpet. By using both traditional and modern techniques. This process is the most favourite way to clean all manner of rugs, whether you have a Chinese Carpet, Persian rug, Indian carpet, be it wool or silk rug, our process will give your carpet or rug a good possible wash and will revitalise your rug’s appearances. Our process involves the following steps.

  • A quick colour test is done to ensure there will be no colour run during the process
  • Pounding the rug from the front as well as the back to remove as much dust as possible that has accumulated deep within the pile, stopping wear and tear
  • A full immersion wash in our purpose built Carpet Washing bath, using a high-quality cleaning solution and eco-friendly products and conditioners. We do this three to four times
  • Drying the carpet in our custom-built, climate-controlled dehumidifying room if the carpets are washed and dry in-house. We will allow the air to flow thoroughly and to draw all moisture away from the carpet or rug.

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