Carpets Dry Cleaning Singapore SpecialistNo water is involved when carpet dry cleaning, not even harsh chemicals. The air quality is improved and the environment of the cleaner also improved and the need to carpet drying time is not needed.

The carpet will remain dry throughout the carpet dry cleaning process, therefore, it is always ready to be used immediately after carpet dry cleaning. You can, therefore, be able to walk on the carpet immediately after the dry cleaning.  Disruption to your business is kept to the minimum especially beneficial to business that has the highest standards that operate 24 hours and 7 days a week.


Carpet Dry Cleaning Sg Specialist

  • Comparing to the water extraction cleaning system, the carpet dry cleaning stays clean much longer and there is no risk of mould or mildew formed on the carpet because of water damage.
  • 6% of allergens are removed during the carpet dry cleaning process
  • Quality of the air also improves when the allergens are killed.
  • To ensure a healthy and safe environment that is brighter and fresher workplace for the staff and clients alike, we use naturally treated cleaning materials.

How Do Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning Systems Work?

  • The machines’ counter-pivoting brushes, joined with their indispensable cyclonic vacuum innovation, or by utilization of a different, intense, brush activity vacuum cleaner, removes dry coarse soil that winds up plainly caught in the weave of carpet fibres.
  • The substantial machine brushes will lift the pile, returning the life to an old crushed carpet fibre.
  • The system will deep clean the carpet and remove any spots and spills viably with no danger of them re-seeming later.
  • The carpet dry cleaning system will fuse a large number of small, permeable wipes like particles that contain some trace of water and cleaning agent that deep clean by dissolving and trapping oil or grease and dirt.
  • The carpet dry cleaning system is protected to utilize on the grounds that they don’t contain bleaches or acids and don’t transmit any poisonous vapour.
  • The carpet is left spotless and dry when the cleaning is finished
  • These products of carpet dry cleaning leave no substance deposit to draw in dirt and cause quick re-dirtying
  • The ecological advantages of utilizing the carpet dry cleaning system make them the green carpet dry cleaning decision

Our maintenance programmes will help to extend  far beyond the factory warranty and lifetime of the carpet and avoiding replacement which can be costly and thus saves the carpet from landfill. This will take the thrown away and worn out carpet many centuries for it to break down or biodegrade. Our team from Carpet Dry Cleaning Singapore, will always help you save, call for a free quotation.


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