Cleaning Service Price List Singapore

Cleaning Services Price List Singapore SpecialistLook no more if you are still looking for a carpet cleaning service company. There is an increased demand for such carpet cleaning services and the demand keeps increasing as we speak. The cost of carpet cleaning depends largely on the size of the area, types and methods of cleaning, type of carpet and whether it requires removing any stubborn stains.

2 Common Types of Carpet Cleaning Pricing
Professional Carpet Cleaning Company will charge and quote their customer based on two ways, per room rate and square footage rate.

1. Per Room Rate

Regardless of the square footage of a room, one pricing structure uses a per room rate. The rate charged is per carpet per room, however, some cleaning company may impose a cap on the size of the carpet which means if the room exceeds a certain square footage, they do treat it as two room.

2. Square Footage Rate

On Square footage rate, the carpet cleaning company will first visit the home to make an estimate quotation. If the home is smaller, e.g. condo, apartment or one or two bedrooms home, you be paying lot more because of the additional fees for travelling and cleaning material expenses. Owner of a larger home will pay less because these will likely be fixed.
Services being offered by carpet cleaning companies

Carpet cleaning services are not limited to simply washing the carpets and rugs, and drying them up. There are various services that are guaranteed to be of higher quality, yet can be affordable in prices.

• Carpet stain removal
• Carpet and rug shampoo
• Mattress cleaning
• Curtain cleaning
• Upholstery cleaning
• Sofa cleaning
• Carpet installation

These carpet cleaning services are not only available for households, but also in small and large offices by various companies, schools and government agencies. Moreover, these services are also available on regular basis, one time services and occasional or festive cleaning purpose. For a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly period, you can call us on a regular basis.

Cleaning Method

Some of the Carpet cleaning methods include chemicals, steam, dry cleaning or some combination of chemicals and steam.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning often referred to scientifically as “hot water extraction” represents the most popular way to clean carpets professionally. The use of pressurized hot water and chemicals to force into the carpet which helps to loosen the dirt and debris and with the help of a machine that uses either vehicle-mounted or electric cleaners for the suction to remove all the dirty water from your carpet. After that, your carpet needs about 24 hours to dry completely.

Dry Cleaning

Referred to as “low moisture” or “encapsulation” cleaning, dry cleaning utilizes chemicals and a small amount of water to quickly clean the carpet, but it doesn’t eradicate as much debris and dirt as steam cleaning. It uses a revolving machine with a brush or sprayer to loosen the dirt and then immediately vacuums out the dirt and debris. Encapsulation further increases the carpet’s appearance, doesn’t require 24 hours of drying time, so you can start walking on it again immediately. It also keeps the carpet cleaner for a longer period of time than steam cleaning.

Carpet Type

Depending on the types of carpet, a professional cleaner will charge different amount depending on the difficulties to clean.
The loops in the carpet and the type of carpet always determine the optimum method to use. There are different types of fibres. How much dirt or debris they conceal do depend on how carpet is twisted. If you like, consult a carpet cleaning professional how you can reduce the build-up of dirt and soil based on the type of carpet fibres you have, especially if they’re tightly wound.

Stain Removal

If your carpet has stains, getting them professionally removed during carpet cleaning adds to the overall cost you pay. The type and size of the stain will determine the amount of money to remove it. For example, pet stains cost more to remove because they sink deep into the carpet’s pile and take more time to extract from the carpet. Light stains such as food spills generally take less time to remove and cost less.

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