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We have put together our answers to some of the most common questions, FAQ but undoubtedly there are some we may have missed. If you have any other questions or simply would like to give us your comments, please Contact Us!


Which are the areas do you cover in Singapore?

We cover all areas within Singapore Island including Sentosa and Jurong Island.
Please call us for more details. You can also use our online enquiry form or email to .

How long does it take to dry the carpet after cleaning?

That depends on the thickness and type of carpet and the cleaning method for the carpet to completely dry
Wet Shampooing normally takes 8-24 hours
Dry Cleaning normally 3- 5 hours

Using fans and turning your air conditioning can help to accelerate the drying time.


How frequent should you clean your carpet with pets or young children?

It is recommended that you should vacuum your carpet on every alternate day, in order to maintain high level of hygiene pet owners or household with children should  clean high-traffic areas every 2 months and professionally deep clean the entire carpet every 6 months

How many times should you vacuum your carpet in a week ?

That depends on the human traffic and the dust level,
Low traffic areas for example office rooms and bedrooms we recommend at least twice a week
High traffic areas for example room every alternate day

How do I hire your carpet cleaning service and the mode of payment?

To hire our service you can either

  1. Call our customer service hotline or
  2. fill up an online enquiry form for a quotation or
  3. Drop us an email

We will collect payment after the cleaning service is complete. We accept cheque, online transfer or cash payment.


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