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Home Carpets Cleaning Singapore SpecialistAfter a hard day work, a home is designed with comfort in mind and somewhere to relax and get comfortable and a good home carpet is important as part of this comfort and elegant living. The thick padding of a home carpet is particularly important for families with children, as children will spend most of their time on the floor walking, running and playing. Home carpet has a higher pile and a fairly loose loop layout that produces the extravagant and luxury feeling that homeowners want from their flooring. Every carpet comes in a different texture, pattern and colours and this will reflect the individual feeling of elegant, luxurious, aesthetic level and appreciate the taste and the feeling of style. Light-coloured carpets are often the most favoured for residential settings because they give the impression of space and light.

How Home Carpet Cleaning gets dirty?

Dirty carpets can be very frustrating, annoying and generates health issues to your family members where germs and bacterias were trapped in between the fibers of the carpet. Self-cleaning and maintenance of heavy and large size carpet are not always possible and moreover, it cannot give you the desired result for its safety and for perfect hygiene. Having pets at home or gathering of friends at home can leave dirt and stain behind or urine. Having friends, relatives and the member of the family at homes can cause liquid like the coffee stain, tea stain and fruit juices to spill leaving stains and unpleasant smell in your precious carpets in ruining or to be replaced which can be very expensive and sometimes could be an antique and priceless item.

Stained and dirty carpet requires good special quality cleaning agent with advanced and efficient cleaning machinery and equipment. A professional and experienced worker can achieve the desired result and provide a regular maintenance program.

Carpet treatment may comprise steam sauna machine, multi-function cleaning machine, vacuum suction machine, combine with special disinfection, decontamination agent that kills mites, sterilization, foam cleaning decontamination, vacuum suction treatment, and anti-fouling spray treatment.Home Carpets Cleaning Sg Expert

Common Tips on Home Carpet cleaning:

  • For new stain on the carpet, it is important that immediate action is taken as quickly as possible to ensure the success rate of removing a new stain. The longer the stain remained on the carpet, the more the effort is needed to remove the stain.
  • Avoid excessive use of water when cleaning the carpet, always keep the carpet as dry as possible when you are removing any new or old stain.
  • Household detergent like washing powder or bleach can be harmful to your expensive carpet. When removing a stain from your carpet, first apply the cleaning liquid to an absorbent material like cloth or foam, never apply it directly to the carpet.
  • Before you apply directly on the stain, find the un-noticeable area of the carpet to try it, to ensure that the cleaning liquid does not damage your carpet i.e, change of colour or damaging your carpet.
  • Check on the right ratio and the recommended advises from the label of the manufacturer before using the detergent. Concentrated detergent can and may cause a change in colour of your carpet.
  • Do not apply cleaning detergent more than is needed and clean up excess liquid after your treatment by mopping or scraping it away.
  • To prevent the spreading of the stain, always clean from the outer perimeter to the inner circle and avoid excessive rubbing and scrubbing.

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