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Mattresses Cleaning Singapore ExpertMany people can live happily alongside house dust mites, Latin name translates as ‘skin-eating spider’ and often do not realise that they are present. Millions of people around the world suffer from dust mite allergy and a host of other nasty symptoms. These include allergies, inflammation of the mucous membrane, upper respiratory problems, asthmatic conditions, headaches and flu-like symptoms, itchy, red eyes, a runny and ‘bunged-up’ nose, sneezing and worsened asthma and eczema symptoms.

Most modern homes tend to provide the ideal condition for Dust mites to breed incredibly quickly to thrive and multiply. It is thought that there are 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside the average mattress. If you are sensitive to dust mite, you’ll need to take countermeasures to reduce the mite population throughout your whole house. Mattress cleaning is a great place to begin when taking the first steps to reduce dust mite levels. It’s thought that dust mites will fully colonise a new mattress within six months. The bed is also where people spend approximately a third of their lives!


Mattress Cleaning Singapore – How Dust Mite and Allergen removed

Mattress Cleaning Sg ExpertTWIN UV-C LIGHT is able to Kill Dust Mites, Germs, Bacteria, Viruses and Destroy Mould. The powerful suction process combining with high-intensity UV light is a lethal killer, which works in unison to pulverise the dust mites, bacteria and fungal. The use of UV light is well known in places such as hospitals, laboratories and even air purifiers.

HIGH POWERED VIBRATION AND SUCTION to Remove Dead Flakes of Skin, Dust Mites & their waste, other debris & Allergens. With an extremely powerful and specially designed portable cleaning device that is able to generate enormous suction and vibration, shaking any dust and debris free and then sucking it into a HEPA filter bag, which retains 99.97% of anything 0.3 microns or bigger.

ORGANIC SPRAY to Neutralise any Harmful Dust Mite and Pet Allergens on surfaces. Using a spray that is free from any chemical and is completely harmless to animals and even human. It is entirely plant-based and requires no airing. Once the spray has evaporated, which is about 10 minutes, you can then use the item we’ve just cleaned.

Mattress Cleaning Singapore – Less Effective Methods

  1. Block them out with barrier bedding

People who have an allergy to dust mites can buy special bedding cases called barrier cases or dust mite covers which are available for duvets, pillows and mattresses.  These cases are so densely woven that dust mites and their allergens simply cannot penetrate the fabric and create a physical barrier between you and the mites from your mattress, duvet or pillow. Many people insisted these special bedding cases help to reduce allergy symptoms from dust mite. Simply pop a barrier case underneath your normal sheet, pillowcase and duvet case for long-term mite protection.

  1. Denature the allergens with a dust mite spray

Spray with gentle allergen-neutralising treatment to your mattress, pillows, carpets and soft furnishings. When used according to the instructions, it can reduce your exposure to allergens by up to 90%.

  1. Scare them off with sound waves

High-frequency sound can disrupt the reproductive cycles and feeding of dust mites. A 40,000Hz sound from an Ultrasonic dust mite controllers are able to emit an inaudible to humans is able to disrupt dust mites. Simply plug it in next to the bed to help reduce the number of mites in your bedroom. They are proven to be cost-effective and able to help decrease the dust mite population. This, in turn, should help to alleviate your allergy symptoms as you will be exposed to fewer allergens.

  1. Use a specialist bed vacuum

An ordinary house vacuum cleaner may not be powerful enough to destroy dust mite allergens and removing debris. With a powerful motor, a handheld dust mite bed vacuum with extra features such as a UV light is a convenient and effective way to get rid of dust mites and bacteria in your mattress.

  1. Keep the conditions right

For dust mites to survive they need a certain level of humidity. If you have dust mite allergy, we recommend using a hygrometer (also known as a humidity monitor) to check the relative humidity of your home. Pay particular attention to the bedroom. The ideal relative humidity is between 40 and 50% to keep these mites none active. People with respiratory conditions need to take extra care, to be sure not to let the air get too dry as this can make the symptoms worse. If your home is too humid it is worthwhile to invest in a dehumidifier which can help keep a check on the growth of dust mites to keep them under control. A dehumidifier alone will not cure your dust mite problem, but it is a very useful tool when used in conjunction with other mite-fighting measures.

Dust mite allergens are incredibly lightweight and therefore can be distributed into the air when a surface is disturbed. For example, walking on a carpet can release the mite allergens into the air. Many people with moderate to severe dust mite allergy find an air steriliser to be very helpful in managing their condition. These will destroy airborne allergens like dust mite faeces so there are fewer particles for you to breathe in.

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