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Even if you often host your friends or family or even have children or pets, you know your upholstered furniture is getting dirty after a fun and enjoyable get together. Food and liquid stains are often left behind, besides food crumbs, beer or wine spill, dust, pollen, germs and blemishes that cannot be ignored. But you don’t have to consent to the fact that your furniture is going to be unclean. We can deliver you a refreshing upholstery cleaning that prolongs the life of your furniture.

Our sofa cleaning services are robust enough to clean the deepest stains from any of your upholstery and yet gentle enough not to cause any damages. They are safe for your entire family to use after the cleaning.

We will deodorize and protect your furniture after every cleaning so that your upholstery or sofa will feel refreshed. Right maintenance demands an experienced professional cleaner.

Don’t settle for dull, don’t buy new. Let our trained professional deep clean cleaner inject new life into your preferred chair or sofa. We provide couch cleaning to sofa cleaning, even from your upholstered and leather furniture in your home, cleaning them, you can trust.

The Dry Sofa Cleaning Procedure

Sofa Cleaning Service Singapore ExpertOur trained technician from Sofa Cleaning Services Singapore comes with all necessary cleaning instruments, solutions and machines to carry out the cleaning at the comfort of your home. We will thoroughly inspect and test the sofa or other upholstery furniture before any cleaning to ensure that your sofa is safe for any deep cleaning. All materials and their existing conditions are noted and informed before the cleaning job. Any removable stains are also noted and inform the appropriate solution recommended. Any solutions are tested before being used on your furniture. The sofa is brushed thoroughly and then all stains which can be removed are first treated, so are any heavily soiled areas. A preconditioning spray is sprayed on the entire sofa so that the dirt can be easily removed. A dry cleaning foam is smeared to the whole upholstery with a specialised machine which helps tuck it inside. When the foam has hardened after 10 minutes, it is hoovered off with a professional vacuum cleaner. After the deep cleaning, the sofa will be rejuvenated.

Get a professional cleaner who can safely and yet efficiently clean your sofa, book our professional trained cleaning service right away!


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