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To have a clean and hygienic sofa in the office is important. When a customer walks into the office for the very first time and giving that first impression is important. Bosses would normally like to invest and impress customers when they first walk into the office. It gives the client confidence and professionalism and good impression of a good image for the company.

sofa cleaning singapore imageTo ensure office sofa cleaning in Singapore gets the most effective cleaning, we use the most advanced technology to do the job. Dry sofa cleaning process will leave your offices’ fabrics hygienically clean and dry in just a short time with minimum disruption to your day to day business operation.  Our cleaning technicians will provide sofa steam cleaning and sofa dry cleaning with advanced equipment and machinery.

Sofa Cleaning Singapore – Experienced & Trained Team

Our expert sofa cleaners have many years of practical experiences in various types of fabrics and their texture composition. We will pick the best cleaning process and equipment and machinery and use environmentally friendly solution in the cleaning of sofa cleaning.

Our sofa cleaning Singapore begins with a careful examination of the texture of the fabrics, knowing that each type of fabric requires different treatment and solution. We will select the right cleaning solutions that are most suited for the delicate or synthetic upholstery for the sofa cleaning for the safest way.

How the process for Sofa Cleaning in Singapore

Our trained technician will first test a small area of the fabric with the right solution to ensure the safest way of cleaning the sofa. We will apply low moisture methods so that the sofa will dry quicker by using the right tools to clean to get the best possible result.

Your sofas, mattress and fabrics will revitalize with a new extending of their life when we use the wet and dry cleaning techniques to clean pollutants, grit, mites and dust from the upholstery. The difference between wet cleaning is that it uses high-pressure steam for thorough clean while dry cleaning is simple and yet effective and safe on delicate fabrics. Any spots or stains from coffee, wine, blood as well as greasy stains or oil-based will be clean with our professional machinery and equipment.


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