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professional cleaning services singaporeWe, SG cleaning Xpert is the Professional Cleaning Services company in Singapore, fully understand that cleaning is part of a chores of a clean house and from time to time requires some spring cleaning work sometimes done by our own domestic maid. Quality cleaning is always a tedious and strenuous job that has no end and yet requires a lot of washing, cleaning and clearing of dirt and infectious waste either from your home or office. If it is not properly done it is as good as spreading the dirt and infectious bacterial contaminating the environment. Proper use of the latest knowledge in cleaning methodologies can help to improve the environment of your new living space and make a better living standard for the needs of the family. For that reason, it is important that you contact our Professional Cleaning Services team in Singapore or our Friendly Customer Service for a free quote. Our staff will arrange a team of professional cleaners or cleaner according to your needs. Post us any questions online and air your problem and we are glad to be of service as we view our client/clients concern with top priority. We are more than happy to come over to your place or any industrial building with a solution to your concern and in long-term, trusted by the people we served.

Hiring a professional cleaning service provider in providing special cleaning services is a wise and great choice where you can have the expertise that can offer with the right knowledge and the know how to conduct a full regular clean up even for your house curtain be it weekly or monthly or even once a week, proper cleaning that provides good hygiene practices using the correct cleaning solutions, methods, tools, machines and most importantly the cleaning crew are trained, skilled, experienced and reliable.

We are the specialist that provide the Professional Cleaning Services for:-

Rug and Carpet Cleaning,  Event Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Moving in and out cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Sertu cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Hygiene Cleaning.

Industrial: Factories, Hospitals, Airport, Laboratories

Commercial: Hotels, Schools, Shopping Mall, F1 Events

Project: Event Cleaning, D&D, Functions, Family Day Event, Wedding cleaning

Hiring a contractor for Professional Cleaning Services Singapore

Professional Cleaning Services Sg ExpertWe understand hiring a company that offers and provides thorough professional cleaning services is very important. The cleaning services are normally segmented into small, big and professional. Small cleaning services are specialised in more simple types of domestic cleaning for hawker centre, washing of public toilet and floor, mainly on a contract basis. They will normally provide routine or ad-hoc housekeeping services for HDB apartment, private property and residential cleanliness that include cleaning of the bedroom, bathroom, window, aircon, wall, living room, furniture and kitchen. Tha apartment cleaning services are normally needed before and after tenancy in the condo and no sophisticated equipment is required.

Big and professional cleaning companies are used to and able to handle a wider range and bigger scale of cleaning contracts such as industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning and project cleaning like post-industrial renovation cleaning. Where special equipment and specific cleaning detergent is needed to get the best quality result. Strong emphasis on highly-efficient cleaning.

Why Us?

SG Cleaning Expert – Professional Cleaning Services Singapore

We are the professional cleaning services team that provides affordable cleaning services using the special equipment in both household and commercial property. We have special teams to serve the different group of customers.  Cleaning is the process of removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from an object or environment. Cleaning happens in many different situations and uses many different methods. Our professional cleaning service also helps to sanitises and disinfect the areas of cleaning where we are capable to conduct allergen and dust mites control and removing odour.


“Excellent service. Your cleaners listened very carefully to my request and it was done to my satisfaction. They were pleasant and polite. I am very impressed with their performance and services.”

Nancy Neo from Clementi.

“I booked them at a short notice. Reliable and was able to do a proper job. I am impressed by their professionalism and service”

Richard Tan from Jurong.


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