Importance to Sanitize Mattress Singapore

How to Sanitize Mattress Singapore – Mattresses And Sofas?

Sanitize Mattress Sg ExpertPeople tend to get infected by common diseases caused by bacteria, virus and dropping from dust mites without knowing it. These diseases happen in the house, business and commercial area where most people spend their time. Generally, it can happen indoors and outdoors. The beds and sofas are areas that are mostly neglected, yet they carry a huge number of bacteria this is because people tend to come and touch them with their bare hands without necessarily washing them.

Since it would be impossible to remind them to wash their hands before touching any belongings in the house, office and many common areas. It is necessary for us to take some safety measures for our own safety. For that reason, it is recommended to sterilize mattress in your house, along with the sofas. Most of the mattresses and sofas have the tendency to attract more bacteria, which is difficult to spot.

Sanitize Mattress Singapore – How To Clean?

Knowledge on how to clean your mattress and sofa completely is of important and fully understanding the process to sterilize them against any germ causing bacteria has its advantages.

Here is a guide that will help you


The first step of dismantling is to remove the bedding and sofa covers. Remove the mattress covering and covering for pillows and bolsters or cushion that are on the bed. The mattress should be left with no covering. If you have a sofa, you should remove all the cushions and get rid of any item that fell such as small items in between sofa cushion. The smaller objects and stuff that fell accidentally into the sofa has to be removed by hand.

Remove all washable covers from the sofa and wipe them clean making sure you follow any instruction from the sofa label attached. Any slipcovers that are made of velvet, suede or any other delicate fabric that have no labels, you can simply take them to a dry cleaner.

Open up the Sofa

If you have a sofa bed, you need to unfold it and make it accessible for you to clean up. Remove any small items that may accidentally fell in between.  If the sofa has a mattress covering, remove and have it clean up making sure that you are able to reach all part of the sofa bed. Strictly speaking, the mattress/sofa should be in the same condition when you first bought of course with ware are tear after months and years of using it.


Attach a brush to the vacuum and start vacuuming the sofa or mattress when it is free from any covering. Sponge it lightly using a cloth that is dipped in soapy cold water to preserve the fabric, if there are signs of any stain. Avoid too much water that would soak the fabric, just use enough that will dampen it. When you are through with the stain removal process, allow the mattress to dry.

Unfold the sofa bed to access the upholstered part. Clean the mattress by turning both sides and ensuring that there are no areas left unattended. Using the brush attachment, remove any dirt from the flat surface of the sofa. Insert the hose attachment of the vacuum to remove crumbs and dust from the deep creases from the sofa.

Removing The Stains

If your fabric is washable and you have tough stains on your sofa, you can use an upholstery shampoo. For non-washable fabric, is better to dry-clean.  Dampen with a sponge or a piece of cloth with solvent or shampoo. Splotch out all the stains till they fade away.

Wrapping up

While leaving your mattress and/or sofa to dry, you will then need to use a damp cloth to run over the non-upholstered part, like the wooden legs or metal frame to get rid of any dirt on the frame, then dry it using a dry piece of cloth.


After you have cleaned the entire sofa or bed you will now need to use a disinfectant solution to sanitize it, with a piece of cloth or a sponge to sanitize the mattress or the sofa. The disinfectant solution is effective in killing any germ that is on the surface of the sofa or mattress. Do not mix the sanitizer with the solvent or shampoo as it may reduce its strength in killing the germs. It should also be done in the final stage when the sofa is clean enough. Leaving the disinfection solution on the surface of the sofa or mattress will kill any possible bacteria around.

Nevertheless, if you want to have a sofa or mattress that is clean and sanitized enough, please contact us. Our professional teamsional is trained with relevant tools for cleaning and the use of effective sanitizer to ensure your mattress is clean and sanitized.


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