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According to a recent research, more than 65% of homes have leather furniture. The Leather Sofa Cleaning is gaining popularity. Around 85% of the people say that Leather sofa is the most elegant and classical manner of organising a home or in an office environment. Our leather sofa cleaning services are always on your service.

Leather sofa cleaners

leather sofa cleaning services singapore specialistOwner of Leather sofa knows that cleaning a leather sofa is difficult and best left to the professional and the expert who knows best of the latest techniques and knowledge of different kinds of leather material which can be exotic and priceless. To give that shiny looks for your leather sofa is best you engage us the Leather Sofa Cleaning Services Singapore is always here and we are a reliable cleaning company.

The Essential Guide to Our Cleaning Service

We recommend a preliminary visitation by our experts. Your leather sofa will be examined in advance by our well-trained, helpful and hardworking cleaner. Whether it is a big couch or a divan, we will make few tests with our eco-friendly solution to make sure that we will avoid any damages. Please, keep in mind that we work with 100% hazard-free and organic products only. Your pets and your children are at safe. The enthusiastic and motivated cleaners in our company are vetted and insured. Be sure that in any case of omission, we will cover the damages.

Our Leather Couch Cleaning protocol follows these steps:

We check your furniture for stains, odours, mould and dust.

leather sofas cleaning services singapore specialistBefore we begin work we will test on a tiny patch of the skin to be sure its structure and colour are going to withstand the procedure. Methods of cleaning leather sofa differ because the leather sofa materials are from different leather manufacturers and they use different processing technologies and substances, it is vitally important to utilize appropriate cleaning methods for your furniture. Our expert technicians are going to choose the safest and most efficient way to clean your sofa.

Your couch and other pieces are vacuumed at all accessible places for removal of all hard particles, lint and dust stuck in between creases and under the cushions.

The leather surface is then spot treated and blotted with a special agent and a clean cloth.

We check the finished piece for any omissions or imperfections before calling the job finished.

Our entire leather sofa cleaning work is done on site and we use modern professional grade machines. There is no need to disassemble or take the sofa set to a different location

There are two main factors which cause deterioration and damage of the leather upholstery – everyday use and the frequent application of improper cleaning ways and means on a regular basis. Aging and general wear and tear are not reversible, however, they could give the furniture a fancy authentic look. However, regular treatment with inappropriate chemical agents onto the leather could render it brittle, cracking, and peeling.


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