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SgCleaningXpert, specialised in carpet cleaning for domestic cleaning for homes and also commercial building like offices, schools, hospital, hotel etc. so you could enjoy a new fresh look for your rooms or offices.

Residential Cleaning Service Singapore ExpertCleaning a carpet or rug is a job better done by professionals. The Residential Cleaning Services Singapore have years of experiences and the methodology and using the latest using latest 21st-century technology of encapsulation which is cleaner and friendly to the environment.

Carpet cleaning is not just to remove the dirt but it also destroys germs, mould and bacteria and has a strong sanitizing effect on the fabrics.  When it comes to stains removal, knowledge on how to remove any stain presented to them is not a trivial issue, such as pet urine, coffee or tea, oil, wine, makeup cream and even chewing gum is easily removed when you know exactly what solutions to use to break the stain down. Some carpets are a lot more delicate than others. Knowledge on which fabrics need that extra care when cleaning carpet or rug is important, let us, the Residential Cleaning Services Singapore, help you.

Why Cleaning of mattress has become a regular cleaning task

Cleaning of the mattress has become a regular cleaning task for home as people are more concern about their health and hygiene. Many of us spend about one-third of our lives in bed and having a clean mattress is most comfortable for a good night sleep.

Residential Cleaning Services Sg ExpertThe unclean mattress contains a huge amount of dust mites, fungi and bacteria which are too small for our naked eyes to see. These dust mites, sometimes called bed mites, feed on our dead skin cells that slipped from our bodies while we are sleeping. Dust mites really are impossible to inhabit and completely stop. They constantly reproduce rapidly in the mattress. These dust mites produce a chemical known as Guanine that triggers health complaints and allergic reactions like headaches, sneezing, asthma, rhinitis (hay fever), conjunctivitis, sinusitis, atopic dermatitis (eczema) or any combination of these. It may even contribute to fatigue and depression. Regular cleaning of mattress will greatly reduce these irritants which may cause itches and rashes on the body.

Our highly-efficient mobile teams cover all over Singapore. Here at Sg.CleaningXpert, we have an established network of satisfied clients who regularly return to using our services.


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