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Protect your children against bacteria, virus and other diseases that can make them feel sick.

Children come from various home from different part will bring with them bacteria, virus and sickness to the Centre without their knowledge. These bad pathogens will spread very quickly between children during playtime and lesson time when they are group together.

Childcare cleaning is the only way to keep the childcare environment clean and germ less as much as possible in Singapore. This is to make sure that the kids are healthy and safe from any transmitting of sickness to each other.

childcare cleaning service sgBy thorough cleaning of the surface of tables, chairs, toys or any surface area will minimise cross-contamination between children. Unclean surfaces are easily contaminated and children are more likely to get it as their immune system are not strong. Children tend to place a number of things on these surfaces, such as toys and food. Younger kids or infants are most likely to put anything in their mouths and that’s why it is imperative to keep these areas as clean as possible.

Regular cleaning can eliminate some dirt and dust, however, this does not mean that everything has been sanitized and free of germs! This is where childcare cleaning services become important.

Why Hire Child Care Cleaning Services

Cleaning professional uses various methods to remove germs from the surfaces area. Additional steps of disinfection are also taken to ensure that most germs have been eradicated. This is usually done after cleaning the area with soap and rinsing it with hot water. Most viruses and bacteria would not be able to survive in hot water when dish washing or hot cycle washing machine and don’t have to be disinfected.

Most cleaning services in Singapore utilizes chemicals that are stronger than regular soap and water. The disinfection process starts with soaking or drenching the items in chemical solution for a couple of minutes, allowing it to penetrate through the items and kill the remaining bacteria.

A combination of bleach and water is commonly use in child care centre however specially formulated chemical solution can kill bacteria and virus with greater result of 99.9% These commercial products do meet with EPA’s standard for hospital uses.

With consistent and scheduled maintenance for your child care centre is the only way to keep the health of the children healthy and safe. With a clean environment in your child care centre it gives parents’ a peace of mind that the child that they have entrusted to the child care centre is constantly clean and safe for their children.

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