Dust Mites Mattress Cleaning Singapore

What is mattress cleaning for Mattress and Protector?

The use of mattress protector on a mattress is of little use as dust mites and bacteria would still grow and reproduce as they feed on the dead skin known as dander, shed and accumulate in the seams and corners of the mattress. On the average, a person produces about 1 gram of dead skin every day, and these dust mites feed on it! They produce droppings that cause a variety of health problems. These bacteria, dust mites, allergens and bed bugs will still find their way into the mattresses. If you have pets like dogs and cats at home, there is a greater risk to your health when bugs and dust mites landed on your mattress. We tend to forget to clean our mattress as these dust mites are too small to be noticed or to trigger an alarm.

Dust Mites Mattress Cleaning Sg SpecialistPeople with allergies, eczema, asthma, and other problems will benefit from having a clean mattress free of dust mites especially baby and young children. A clean mattress is good for your night’s sleep. Some patients suffer from insomnia because of the dust mites dropping and dust that the body reacted from these irritants. Using steam cleaning can help reduce and relieve the severity and frequency of asthma symptoms. A tell-tale sign of an unhealthy bed is when you are experiencing headaches, fatigue, coughing and asthma.

To effectively purge these irritants from your mattress, have it dry clean by a professional cleaner every 6 months to sanitize it properly with a special technique using both, that clean and dries your mattress at the same time. Our Dust Mites Mattress Specialist in SG Cleaning Xpert will always be your help to clean your mattress.

The steps we usually follow:-

  1. We will carefully check the mattress for stains and odours. Most common stains are urine, blood, mold, mildew growth and traces of leftover saliva. Our special cleaners will remove any spots, stains and odours.
  2. To eliminate any hard particles, vacuum on the surface of the mattress for dust and dirt that accumulated over time and prepare the fabric for the next step.
  3. The mattresses are spread generously with a cleaning agent after vacuuming. The wet surfaces are left for about 10-15 minutes for the chemical to dissolve the dirt.
  4. Steam cleaning of hot steam infiltrates well into the dissolved dirt from the chemical. The machine sucks out all contamination at the same time when vacuum.
  5. We do clean your mattress completely and we will pay special attention to any residue smells, odours or stubborn stain. We do not only spray fabric fresheners to cover the problem but attack it to eliminate the source.
  6. We will completely inspect the end product of the mattress to make sure no detail has been skipped. Within 3-4 hours of finishing, your mattress is dry and ready to use. It will radiate a nice and fresh smell.

When you have dust mites on your mattress, call us, our Dust Mites Mattress Cleaning Singapore, customer service would be glad to advise you anywhere in Singapore.


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