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When there is plenty of food like skin flakes and moistures, dust mites will gather at our mattress and all over the bedsheets and even mattress protector is of little help. It is an excellent place and a perfect environment for these little creatures to live and breed. They are so small that the naked eyes are not able to see unless it is put under a powerful microscope. However, we are able to feel their presence on our mattress because of the irritation, allergy and illness caused by these dust mites. Their number could be between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites. To reduce their population is to kill them under the bright sunlight. Sunlight which a has a spectrum of light and ultraviolet is the ultimate weapon that can kill these tiny creatures that crawl under and on our mattress.

Best Home Mattress Cleaning SgMost homes in Singapore, which are high rise and compact, having to sun our mattress, pillows and bolster is impossible and difficult, which are mostly done by our grandparents during those kampong days. A clean mattress is very important to keep ourselves and love one healthy.  People who are allergy to dust mites will experience sleep difficulties during the night. Persistent blockage of the nose, eyes and skin irritation could be symptoms of asthma and eczema which are caused by dust mites dropping. Reducing the dust mite population can be an effective method to improve health and reducing symptoms.

Babies given birth by a pregnant woman shows to have less sensitivity to dust mite or asthma if they were living in a less reduce dust mite environment during their pregnancy period. This research was done by the David Hide Asthma and Allergy Research Centre.

Dust mite facts

  • Dust mites themselves are not the main cause of allergic reaction but their faecal pellets is the main culprit. Each Over 200 times its body weight of these are produced in each individual mite’s lifetime. These particles then float up and can be breathed into our lungs and throats, and this is where the problems start for some people.
  • They gather wherever dust does, making mattresses, carpets, rugs and children’s stuffed toys the perfect places for them.
  • An allergic sensitivity can be caused by exposure to them at a young age, and they have also been linked to the development of childhood asthma.
  • Even a newly built home will have fully established populations of them after just a year.
  • Using a regular vacuum cleaning to get rid of them can make matters worse, as they don’t have adequate filters for mite removal, and push the allergen up into the air, making reactions flare up.

Our home mattress cleaning service in Singapore is certified and the staff are trained and fully equipped to ensure that it can help relieve dust mite allergies along with asthma and eczema. We are also fantastic at removing bad lingering odours that can be near impossible to get rid of otherwise.


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