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Rugs Cleaning Singapore ExpertHaving a rug in a commercial building, office, banks, retail shop, restaurant or any industrial properties gives people a very warm and comfortable feeling. Over time your rug will be trapped with stain grit, dirt, and produced an unpleasant odour. Regular periodic carpet rug cleaning in Singapore weather is important. We will remove the dirt and stain at the same time, help to restore the freshness of the carpet rug to similar to the original appearance by doing so it also prevents premature ageing to your carpet rug.

The Proven Methods for Rug Cleaning

SG Cleaning Xpert, a rug cleaning company is a specialist for carpet rug cleaning equipped with a professional train team that had in-depth knowledge in understanding the different materials and characteristics of the carpet rugs where we need to use a different machine and different cleaning agent and dosage to provide you with the perfect cleaning solutions.

  • Deep rug cleaning services is strongly recommended for old and heavily soiled rugs
  • Steam carpet cleaning is only suitable for highly durable materials rugs normally rug with manmade fibres including viscose, nylon and polypropylene materials
  • Foam extraction cleaning: a special method used for delicate, natural, decorative, antique, hand-knotted and luxurious suede, wool or cotton materials. The method adds no harmful liquid products or water to prevent any risk of shrinking and tearing.
  • Stain and spot removal – we remove all types of spots: blood, red wine, coffee, tea, grass, urine and etc. The remedies are pet- and kid-friendly.
  • Shampoo rug cleaning – is a very popular and economical method for cleaning and refreshing your carpet but it not highly recommended for wool materials where it absorbs moisture humidity, it will smell stale if it was not dry thoroughly after cleaning and also subjected to fading over time
  • Hoovering – is an important cleaning process to remove big particles, reduce the dust and to protect you from allergic reactions and rug mites
  • Deodorizing – upon request and combined with modern sanitization process remove bad food odour, cigarette/tobacco odour, animal odour and urine smell with extra disinfectant protection procedures.

Our Assurance

Rugs Cleaning Sg ExpertOur commercial carpet rug cleaning process is by adopting an anti-static odour control and a low moisture environmental friendly green safe cleaning methods where your carpets will be dry in just for two hours. We also provide stain removal on different types of fabric materials of your carpet and restoration services for heavily stained carpets.

The advantage and benefits of Environmental Friendly Green Cleaning solutions are:

  • Green Cleaning agent will reduce health issues such as eye, respiratory and skin burns or irritations, allergies, headaches, nausea and reproductive hazards.
  • Environmental friendly – Without a mixture of harmful or hazardous chemicals and is biodegradable which have far less harmful to the human being, animals and less impact our environment
  • Excellent Odor eliminator and restore back brighter and Softer colour

Our cleaning company has adopted numerous of the classical and approved rug and carpet cleaning techniques. Being one of the market leaders we have adopted the latest cleaning technologies which are significant in our industry in saving high labour cost and at the same time proving excellent results. Naturally, progressing and moving forward has become our mission. Today we tend to use efficient innovative approaches to the contemporary rug and carpet cleaning. Below, you can learn more about the cleaning methods we usually apply and thanks to which we achieve perfect results.

Our Commitment

Proper cleaning not only prolongs and extend the lifespan of your expensive carpet rug it also provides a higher hygiene level of cleanliness to the environment.

We are the expert in providing carpet rug cleaning services to banks, CBD offices, resort, hotels, service apartment, budget hotels, schools and restaurants in Singapore.

Our customers will just need to call us, SG Cleaning Xpert or email to schedule an appointment for quotation or cleaning. To avoid disappointment during year end and festive seasons please provide us minimum 5 to 7 working days for the cleaning services. If you require immediate attention, you can hire our express carpet rug cleaning service with nominal express charges.


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